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  • Released Chinese first Dynamic DR system.
  • Released China’s first UC arm Dynamic DR system.
  • Awarded "Self-innovation Prize" for Dynamic DR.
  • Obtained nearly 100 intellectual property rights and invention patents by 2016.
  • DR annual production capacity was over 2400 units.
  • Won the honorary title of "National High-Tech Enterprise".
  • Built the Industry-university-research institute alliance with Chinese Academy of Science.
  • Won the title of "The 2011 annual quality credit A medical device manufacturing enterprise of Guangdong province".
  • Exported film scanner to Korea.
  • Exported film scanner to America.
  • Exported DR to Korea and India.
  • Became the drafter and calibration unit of Chinese DR and CR Industry Standard.
  • Established in Shenzhen, China.
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