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Research and Manufacture

R&D development – pursue the perfection of innovation。 Innovation is the soul of Angell Technology。 Since the establishment, Angell has continually devoted a lot of money to the R&D development every year。 After 15 years of development, Angell now owns two technology research and development center in Shenzhen and Chongqing and has more than 100 professional engineers in R&D team。 To date, Angell Technology is the only company in China who can develop and manufacture for regular and Dynamic DR, and can completely master the core technologies of DR components。

Angell Technology is the drafter and calibration unit of Chinese DR and CR Industry standard.

Angell Technology invented Chinese first digital detector and first Dynamic DR.
Angell Technology is the Chinese first company who researched and manufactured DR machine.

Manufacture development - strive for excellent product and quality

Angell Technology owns the largest DR product SCMC in Asia. With the implementation of the "Lean manufacturing", the standardization operation is enhanced, the product manufacturing cycle is shorten, waste is reduced, the more important thing is that it is better to satisfy the market demand of “much variety, small batch”.
Angell Technology provides competitive products, software, services and solutions, brings the best experience to users with innovative products all the time.
Obtained quality certifications

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